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Treasure gets the better of a group to uphold market competition order with all

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It is reported, recently, jiangsu treasure gets the better of a group together countrywide wire cable turns over a dumping to supervise the office, will initiate in wire cable industry oppose low dumping activity.

In recent years, this group development is very swift and violent, obtained good management outstanding achievement, business management level and market reputation rise ceaselessly. This group is in be dedicated to while the company grows, height pays close attention to industry development and market prospect.

All the time since, competing increasingly intense wire cable market, this group supports wire cable actively all the time to turn over dumping job, take the lead in hanging down model. With the industry development is oneself, gain the market with credit of quality, service hard, and not with low get victory, go all lengths safeguard wire cable market to manage order and environment.

At present wire cable market does not have phenomenon of dumping of foreword competition, low still be current, have perform Yue Liezhi situation more. For this, this group is about to turn over a dumping to supervise the office to cooperate hand in hand with countrywide wire cable, the industry is increased to turn over the deepness that the dumping works and range on original basis, turn over wire cable dumping job to push to new level.

The personage inside course of study thinks, answer ardently what this action will get broad wire cable produces a business inside course of study, make phenomenon of dumping of entire industry low, be in a few areas especially fake the phenomenon of product be current gets effective keep within limits. (industry signs up for)