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Company of pacify river power supply begins training of skill of construction of

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Unite arrangement according to company of national electrified wire netting, draw 8 the beginning of the year hundred years encounter profundity of heavy snow calamity to teach a lesson, raise electrified wire netting to resist natural disaster ability, the 110KV line that designs recently used LGJ-400 or wire of double dissension LGJ-300. Face the real situation that never uses construction of crimp of big sectional lead in great quantities, branch of project of electric power of company of power supply of pacify river city answers new condition actively, LGJ-400 is used in two before construction of line of the line of 110KV pacify horse that big sectional lead designs, 110KV Ma Ji active training, branch leader, full-time studies for many times the programme of construction, undertake expertise grooms, make the move that gave construction of spot of one a complete set of. Every member can accomplish team and group to master operation essentials adroitly, ensure craft quality, and dominate whole crimp time in ten minutes already inside, raised construction rate greatly. For the successful construction of circuit will lay solid foundation henceforth.

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