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Capital of collect of sun cable stock will be used at production to be able to b

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On August 29, committee of supervisory management of Chinese negotiable securities issues committee of examine and verify 2008 the 124th conference, passed the application that sun cable Inc. makes the same score to issue a share first south Fujian.

Sun cable company is Fujian Province dimensions the biggest, productivity the wire cable company with the most complete breed of the strongest, product, realized production value last year 2 billion yuan, sale 2.3 billion yuan, pay taxes 95 million yuan, it is the industry that first annual produce of Na Ping city, sales revenue all surpasses 2 billion yuan. As the rapid development of the enterprise, company board of directors decides to plan appear on the market, attack water " to midstream of capital market " .

As we have learned, this second collect capital will use sun cable two big purposes build cable of special type of Yu Naishui tree and ship cable. The company develops be able to bear or endure service life of cable of water tree special type is long, honest performance is high, be common cable replace upgrade product, have on domestic technology send an advantage first. Company design developed product of ship cable series 2006, carried certificate of attestation of ship's classification society of China, United States early or late, the company already mastered independently now marine the production technology of special type cable, design development is marine power cable, marine telecommunication cable, marine control cable product is produced by the series standard such as IEC60092, the ship cable that makes the company is produced has higher starting point. (silvan division)