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Huang Chongqi of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Lei Qingquan ins

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On September 6, huang Chongqi of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Lei Qingquan, and the division that visit town assist leader group comes far east looks around make an on-the-spot investigation, far east controls limited company of cable of Luo Shilong of a Jiang Xipei of chairman of group director bureau, chief administrator, far east chief skill Guan Wangchuan Bin accompany.

Above all in spirits ground visited guests compound lead produces a workshop, compound to carbon fiber lead showed strong interest. They produce machine station deep, saw the production of lead carefully, asked sale status to the member that accompany a person.

In cross-linking of limited company of cable of Jiangsu new far east one factory, guests were visitting far east advanced manufacturing facilities and listened to respect of far east technology after own innovation circumstance, they increase the strength of transfer of technology, practice that quickens own development pace to be approbated adequately to far east.

Guests still looked around bank center of harbor of city of the expert building of spray garden, far east, culture, very admiring to the life of staff of far east care, way that raises employee culture to savour.

In assembly room, advocate guest both sides had enthusiastic communication, the circumstance that the development case that Wang Chuanbin of Jiang Xipei of trustee bureau chairman and chief technology officer introduced far east to guests and talent construction, technology innovates independently. Academician of Huang Chongqi, Lei Qingquan expresses, the development of far east lets person hearten, hope far east can continue to hold to and accelerate a technology own innovation pace, raise industry of ethical line cable to share the core capacity that international competes. (far east net)