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Promote happy cable to win the bid successfully Hangzhou subway project of a lin

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On September 8, zhejiang province action bids trade central hair will win the bid announcement, in group of Hangzhou city subway finite liability company head period place of item of a line needs project Hangzhou subway cable action bids in, judge finally piece promote happy group limited company to be (1500v dc cable) win the bid unit, win the bid amount is thirty million six hundred and ninety thousand five hundred and nineteen yuan.

Hangzhou subway project of a line is the Zhejiang that classics nation development and reform committee approve agree with to build the province builds a project mainly. This project is 47.97 kilometers endlong, total investment makes an appointment with twenty-two billion and seventy-six million yuan of RMBs, construction address is located in Hangzhou city, whole project plans to built 2011. Promote happy cable to win the bid Hangzhou subway project of a line is afterwards wins the bid Shanghai subway project (Shanghai orbit traffic 9 6 date, lines) the another major breakthrough after. In recent years, promote happy cable to win the bid continuously project of domestic major project, reflected a client adequately to be opposite the reliance that begins happy product quality and service, at the same time outward also bound was revealed start happy group the powerful actual strength in cable industry. (100 square nets)