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Andrew upgrades for line of Singapore subway northeast 3G system

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Singapore electric – Kangpu is wholy-owned on September 10, 2008 subsidiary and global communication system and Andrew of business of device sphere chief (Andrew) is wireless communication company, will be Singapore subway one of 3 circuitry northeast line, upgrade communication base system in order to support 3G wireless network, this is Singapore network of communication of first underground 3G.
Andrew will with IntraWave coact, intraWave is business of line of Singapore subway northeast the foundation of wireless network serves a supplier. The communication base network that uses currently was designed 2002 by Andrew and offer, support 2G wireless equipment only. This second upgrade aim to be subway northeast line communication user provides better complete set wireless enclothe and receive a system, and the bandwidth with be offerred better for 3G wireless equipment and download speed. Communication user aux will be able to uses all sorts of wireless application more adequately, include download of speech phone, video, music and Internet service.
Vice president of department of wireless innovation business holds Andrew concurrently general manager Matt Melester expresses: "This project will improve Singapore subway system wireless enclothed standard. Help communication user enjoys the wonderful part of 3G science and technology adequately in mobile process. Hobby of Singapore consumer always is banner science and technology, be good at accepting new technology, believe this second upgrade will be welcomed by numerous people. "
This fundamental system upgrades will support Singapore this locality business of 3 big operation (Singapore is telegraphic, the first communication of StarHub telecommunication and Singapore Asia) Wu of offerred kimono of each 3G product.
Veni P.K of IntraWave general manager. Express: "Andrew is the outstanding actual strength in domain of wireless science and technology, rich experience and competition ability, decide its are this project best choice, offer outstanding solution to hold the position of forerunner for the service of IntraWave. "
Outstanding underground wireless enclothe
Andrew will offer complete set to carry upright service for IntraWave, include place of design, production system to need package, field assembly. Andrew will deploy distributinging system of its ION™-M fiber-optic antenna in underground, install long-distance unit to join in 16 sites of every wire cable ION system, implementation 2G/3G is unified enclothe.
Andrew is compositive run an operating system (A.I.M.O.S. ) also will install by Andrew, its are the system of antenna of pattern of needle bisect cloth, solution that is based on software, have network breakdown, configuration and inventory government, caution operator discovers and track the issue that appears in the network.
The installation of this project, try move reach a test to had been started, predict end was finished 2008.
Andrew is the world is banner enclothe and provider of capacity system solution, have be enclothed thoroughly and capacity product combination, include series of system of ION distributinging antenna, Node to put cable of station, RADIAX leakage, indoor aerial, passive parts of an apparatus continuously, the service personnel that there are powerful design, installation and test in world each district is offerred assist. This company is mixed in the path railway that is world each district, large construction, radio phone operation business provides the valuable experience that the radio signal with design, installation and mixed management has even more 15 years on dispatching system. Its apply a project successfully to still include 2006 world cup football match advocate place, 2000 match of Sydney Olympic Games advocate subway of 101 edifices, Beijing, Hong Kong reachs Taipei of highest building of place, world the subway of Montreal and other places, dalasi International Airport and railroad of high speed of German city border.
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