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Ning Bo holds activity of week of first worker science and technology Oriental g

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On September 5, with " skill promotion, technical innovation, innovation is consecratory " science and technology of first worker of the first Zhejiang province that gives priority to a problem and peaceful wave city international exhibition center of Zhou Zaining wave kicks off. Activity of week of this worker science and technology saves federation of trade unions of city of federation of trade unions, peaceful wave to be sponsorred jointly by Zhejiang, aim to reveal Ning Bo adequately elegant demeanour of broad worker poineering innovation, increase capacity of worker poineering innovation, arouse vitality of worker poineering innovation, stabilize development, innovation development, transition development, promotion development to make contribution to push a company. Worker of more than 1000 each industry and skilled worker are mixed in contest of 20 multinomial skill each exhibit skill on the performance. Basically labour of electrician of tool benchwork, maintenance, vehicle maintenance and repair waits for professional skill contest. Oriental ginseng exhibits Ning Bo.