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Hunan cable stock pulls amount of contract of wind report large sheet to be 313

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Recently, announcement of Hunan cable stock says, of Hunan cable stock accuse limited company of wind energy of electricity of Hunan of share company Hunan to sign one major contract, the agreement is Inner Mongolia big the Tang Dynasty international finite liability company provides Zhuo Zifeng electricity eminent endowment 3 period generation set of permanent magnetism of type of project straight drive, contract amount is 313 million yuan about.

This is the contract of another major equipment that Hunan cable stock obtains this year. The 2 million of own research and development of company of benefit from benefit from cover with tiles wind- driven dynamo gets offline successfully, since this year, hunan cable stock won contract of group of electric machinery of many great wind for many times, solid for " the large family that pull sheet " . Up to now, company and big the Tang Dynasty the contract amount that the accumulative total of wind phone company with subordinate international signs approachs 2 billion yuan.

Domestic famous investment seeks advice from orgnaization day photograph to invest an analysis to think, hunan cable stock is passed with big the Tang Dynasty international such home is large generate electricity the group establishs strategic collaboration relationship, the blame water that just makes to fulfill a country in collaboration but below the compulsive quota of installed capacity of second birth energy, conduce to Hunan cable stock obtaining order of persistent group of wind electric machinery. But what deserve attention at the same time is, because the crucial component such as aircrew headstock still needs international to purchase, the cost control of group of electric machinery of wind of Hunan cable stock is very crucial, its gain ability still waits for the market to examine.

News source: Changsha evening paper