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On September 2, 2008 afternoon, "Reforming and opening and carry out overall quality to manage 30 anniversary mass rally " in bright and beautiful river small auditorium is held ceremoniously, chen Bangzhu of chairman of Chinese quality association, hu Yan of municipal government deputy mayor is illuminated, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Professor Liu Yuan Professor Zhang, finance and economics of city National People's Congress appoint vice director, city is qualitative assist Yu Guosheng of 4 board chairman, huang Xiaolu of director of bureau of city qualitative inspect, city classics appoint grand of secretary-general Zhou Min, hair of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, city changes appoint former chairman Jiang Yingshi, china is qualitative assist vice-chairman holds secretary-general Marlin concurrently, qian Zhongqiu of former director of bureau of qualitative inspect of committee member of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, city, city pledges inspect bureau deputy director general, city pledges association grows Tang Xiaofen to wait for a leader, and more than 400 delegate that comes from each whole town industries attended the meeting. Wen Jinhai of manager of department of quality of my group technique attends plenary meeting and be judged to be " Shanghai is outstanding quality management impeller " .

Held on the meeting commend ceremoniously ceremony. Include Shanghai auto industry (group) heroes of 10 Shanghai quality management such as Hu Maoyuan of head office president, shanghai classics appoint the hero of progress of society of 10 Shanghai quality such as Liu Shengyu of former assistant chief engineer and leader of government of 105 fine quality, 243 fine quality manage impeller, and in pursue activity of overall quality management and quality management group 30 years the organization that special contribution makes in the activity and individual be commended. Session, city is qualitative assist invited hair of committee member of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, city to change appoint former chairman Comrade Jiang Yingshi made a problem be " a certain number of problems that can develop continuously about Shanghai the sources of energy " special subject report. (100 nets)