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Far east accuses a flourish to enter 2008 year " Asian brand 500 strong "

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On September 9, by Asian international name actor brand attestation supervises management center, the State Council the great event of Asian trademark year that the unit such as daily of research center of committee of state-owned asset supervisory management, People's Daily, economy sponsors jointly -- grand ceremony of brand of the 3rd 2008 Asias is in Hong Kong international conference center holds Dishini ceremoniously, the authoritative a list of names posted up that gets attention fully is odd -- " Asian brand 500 strong pop chart " announce ceremoniously also. Far east accuses a group flourish to ascend " Asian brand 500 strong " a list of names posted up is odd, grand of Xu of presiding brand official receives in glory the group like that " Asian brand award of character of 10 big innovation " . The China with selected other still has on behalf of the enterprise: Associate, fluid of shift of sea Er, industrial and commercial bank, Bao Gang, China, Maotai, 5 grain, medium oil, the Yangtse River is industrial, Gong Dashan, medium bank of sea oil, construction, China motivation of bavin of restful, Meng Niu, Wei.

It is reported, "Asian brand 500 strong pop chart " be by (bend force makes committee of system of expert of system of evaluation of ABAS) Asia brand. Commerce of Chinese people university fastens vice director Wang Yaxing to teach, secretary-general of organizing committee of Asian brand grand ceremony Mr Wang Jiangong allows to carry out a chairman, the well-known trademark expert that invites Asia and home of Europe United States and economist in all 30 more than person takes up the post of a committee member, the organization is compilatory " (ABAS) Asia brand evaluates a system " .

This second Asia brand system of 500 strong opinions is as same as before two, the strong company that spends pair of Asias from 4 old thinking undertakes the evaluation of comprehensive sex makes component, namely enterprise in the market integrated expression, in development latent capacity of future, the quality standard of the product, and the financial index such as service advantage. 4 dimension spend include decathlon fractionize target again: Combination of degree of brand age, internationalization, sale, trademark is well-known degree, profit of standard of ability of capital total increase rate, innovation, after service, quality, business income, net. Each index full marks all is above 10000 minutes, by different weight the sue for peace that increase advantageous position reachs integrated grading. This 4 old thinking are spent, decathlon is specific of index add authority to make of a second Asia brand choose provide more omnibus with objectivity.

On the whole, asian brand 500 strong basically distributing to reach area of Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore and India in chinese mainland. Among them, chinese mainland is most, it is 221, japan next, it is 116. Below pine of Toshiba of SamSung of Japanese abundant cropland, Korea, Japan, Japan, LG of this cropland of Buddhist nun of Japanese all alone, Japan, Korea, China associates, Shanghai of Chinese Hong Kong collects abundant beautiful of bank, Japan can part a row pop chart before 10.
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