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Two projects of wind phone company obtain Datangyilan approve

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On August 25, heilongjiang development and reform committee allotted " the give an official that sends approve of project of electric field project about depending on Lan Fujiang wind-force " and " the give an official that about Yi Lanchen smooth wind-force sends approve of project of electric field project " , official sanction send start working of project of electric field project to build according to wind-force of Lan Fujiang, dawn.

The cerebrum bag hill that location of field of blast electric field, dawn wind electric field is located in Yi Lanfu to make an appointment with 40 kilometers according to orchid county southeast respectively and the convulsions La that make an appointment with 5 kilometers according to orchid county southwest child hill. Two period geology of location of project place selected scenes constructs to all be stabilized relatively, wind energy is resourceful, wind quality is better, number of effective wind hour is much, advocate wind direction is clear, construct wind electric field aptly.

Two wind electric field made full use of the wind energy resource that occupies area, construction dimensions all is 33 stand-alone capacity the wind- driven generation set of 1500 kilowatt, total installed capacity 99 million are made of baked clay, plan run time of go into operation of the first unit to be 2008 year end.

The start working of these two projects is built, accelerated Yilande the development of area wind resource, promoted local economy and social development, to improve Heilongjiang to save structure of the sources of energy, protection zoology environment is mixed promote can develop continuously produced bigger effect. According to Lan Feng force generates electricity limited company is in after obtaining document of approve of these two projects, accelerate the requirement according to the board of directors development to build pace, do by force to realize career of report of wind of big Tanglong river to do march with group company greatly the world 500 strong make positive contribution. (Chinese power network)