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Wuhan cable is grabbed attack foreign trade channel to give buccal head to cross

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Skeining thread of aluminium alloy of an exit Ethiopia more than yuan of 3600 large order, long atmospherics is versed in hopeful signed company of group Wuhan cable recently.
Yesterday, the reporter understands from Wuhan cable company, this company increases foreign trade to utter strength this year, breakthrough of 1-8 month exit closes 200 million yuan greatly, refresh its history is best outstanding achievement.
Current, competition of domestic cable industry turns white-hot, the sale answers paragraph difficulty. Face the current situation, wuhan cable adjusts market sale strategy in time, capture company of domestic transnational corporation, foreign trade to invest the turning point that developing country electric power builds, develop foreign trade market energetically, enlarge export trade, reduce the enterprise dependence to home market.
As we have learned, the company continues successfully early or late this year skeining thread of aluminium alloy of exit sri lanka 67 million yuan; The aluminium alloy skeining thread that exports Cuba more than yuan 3000; Exit Equatorial Guinea, Congo (gold) steel core aluminous skeining thread and skeining thread of aluminous Bao Gang 106.7 million yuan, only triplet export contract crosses more than yuan 200 million.