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Product of ABB electric power makes firmer electrified wire netting

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In great project of China, the machine rate that cannot find product of ABB electric power is almost 0. ABB always passes his to the outstanding function of the product, advanced technique and Gao Ke rely on a gender and enter industrial field, again complementary the representative application case in the project that attracts worldwide attention in order to be in, establish its to be in from this electric power domain cannot the lead position of shake -- " mention electric power, think of ABB " , this is the idea of public figure of trade of a lot of power, also be the best footnote of brand of product of ABB electric power.

This year the beginning of the year, continuously the pluvial snow weather of microtherm makes the electrified wire netting of stricken be hit by a natural adversity area bears huge pressure, according to the target of telegram in reply of rush to repair of establish of company of electrified wire netting,

Ice and snow already passed, electrified wire netting is restoring. And around electric power safety and firm electrified wire netting discuss did not appease however.

Relevant personage thinks, this " accident of electrified wire netting " the reason is stereo, if be in project plan respect, the firn of trolly wire achieves 60 much millimeter, of millimeter of the 10-15 when exceeding a design far beforehand appraise value, bring about wire cable to be pressed thereby, electrified wire netting is interrupted carry normally. Nevertheless, involve electrified wire netting the dependability of the product of each link and the technology that safeguard safety of electrified wire netting to move still also cause wide attention.

Below such setting, reach a system with respect to electric power product pertinent question, ABB of this print journalist special interview (China) limited company is high north of ministry of product of vice-president, electric power inferior reach Mu He of Chinese division chief.

At present till did not receive complain

The snow calamity sneak attack that does not treat 50 years this is southern, mu He thinks, a such natural disaster cannot foreknow ahead of schedule quite, because of such, more the quality of establishment and dependability reach lash-up processor to make related test. Chinese government and relevant power company organize manpower, material resources and technical force quickly to take corresponding step, in implementation of internal energy of a month the electric power of the user of stricken be hit by a natural adversity area of 95% above is supplied. Its are become even if attract worldwide attention. So, below this kind of circumstance, is ABB how act?

"Above all, after snow disaster happens, we offerred hot line of 24 hours to serve immediately, solve equipment of electrified wire netting in order to help the problem that each respect may cause because of snow calamity; Send relevant technology personnel to provide technical support and spot support. But up to now till, we did not get this kind of any ask for help or the telephone call that complain ABB product. Nevertheless, we or active and active harmonious ABB are in China relevant factory has been done mostly the stock up of the distribution transformer that power unit is badly in need of is made, with satisfying their requirement at any time. " , mu He introduces.
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