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Balefire communication wins the bid first 3G form a complete set transmits Chine

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After passing various and rigorous selection assessment, net of Jiangsu telecommunication C transmits result of equipment invite public bidding to gave heat recently, balefire communication takes the Cheng Jianquan of city of below many ground successfully with lead technical dominant position. It is reported: This project is Chinese telecommunication first 3G form a complete set transmits net project, its building is sure to build the demonstrative effect with positive play to network of later period 3G.

As what buy network of Chinese UniCom CDMA " end " , chinese telecommunication begins to pull open big screen of invite public bidding of CDMA network equipment gradually inside countrywide limits, among them, jiangsu telecommunication transmits equipment at was being started this year in June kind project of invite public bidding. Regard Jiangsu as telegraphic partner, balefire communication will be offerred transmit a net from the 3G that receives a layer to precede to the whole set equipment of core layer and industry solution, in order to assure prospective 3G business be begun smoothly and operation.

In this plan, balefire communication is aimed at the development characteristic of 3G network and demand for service, offer optimize processing program distinctly, reduced investment cost greatly, raised systematic dependability, suited adequately 3G network is medium henceforth the development demand of a variety of business. And, this plan can offer a channel protection, answer the safeguard that uses paragraph of protection to wait for a variety of perfecting, have carrying capacity of outstanding much professional work, powerful group net ability and Gao Ke rely on a gender, outside dividing professional work of supportive convention speech, the aether net professional work that still supports S of   of   of 10M 100Mb S 1000Mb to be led amain, ATM business, the aether network that sets inside is 2 exchange, small the statistic of business of rank empty cascade, LCAS, VLAN, MPLS, RPR, ATM answer handle ability with what waited for patulous function to optimize data business greatly again.

Current, of our country telegraphic course of study recombine to had been finished, 3G will become what each big operation business contends for to stand for war. Balefire communication will be relied on in smooth communication domain deep technology insides information, pay close attention to 3G closely demand for service and development trend, the solution mixes the 3G with be offerred advanced and mature hard to serve high gradely, face prospective good luck and challenge jointly with each big operation business.