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Foundation of tower of transmission network lever has rock foundation, steel structure foundation and concrete foundation to wait commonly, transmit electricity iron tower uses concrete foundation or ferroconcrete base commonly. Because groundwater contains all sorts of chemical part, when some kind of composition is overmuch, have stronger harm to making fundamental concrete and rolled steel. Accordingly, when designing a foundation, must consider groundwater, surroundings and earthy the aggressivity influence that corrodes to fundamental material, the foundation to mordant groundwater must adopt significant preventive measure.
Have the groundwater that crystallization sex erodes, contain overmuch vitriolic root (SO42- ) with the cement action in concrete, make concrete is sufferred erode. Accordingly, the basis erodes grade and adopt the common silicate that is more than grade of C50 excel in respectively cement, common fight the measure such as cement of sulfate cement and Gao Kang sulfate. The judgement method that has the groundwater that crystallization sex erodes and standard are: (1) fiber shape, lens shape, drossy shape, layer shape and gesso of n/med tuberculosis shape are contained in layer; (2) saline, saline, salinized soil and other contain salt (like halite, mirabilite, smooth bittern child, water oxygen magnesian gesso) area and seawater and briny infiltration area; (3) vulcanization mine and area of infiltration of colliery mine water; (4) industrial waste water (acidity, contain a large number of sulfate, magnesian salt and ammonium salt to wait) infiltration area; (5) make the landform landforms condition of water mineralization.
The pH indicator in having the groundwater that resolvability erodes, water (PH is worth) , root of heavy carbonic acid is ionic (HCO3- ) reach free carbonic acid (CO2) wait to be had to concrete decompose destroy effect. When groundwater has resolvability to erode, appropriate is used not the cement under C30 intensity grade; When PH ≤ 4 when, appropriate is adopted besmear in concrete surface Fu drop Qing Dynasty or in fill all round the foundation build the preventive measure such as argillaceous covering layer. (origin: Chinese cable network)