Transmission line of video of double skeining thread of cable choose

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Transmission principle of double skeining thread

Using double skeining thread to transmit video signal is the technology with arisen in last few years ability, so called double skeining thread is to point to reticle commonly, double skeining thread is transmitted use poor cent to transmit a principle, video signal in emissive end commutation becomes range the video signal with equal, opposite polarity, after be being transmitted through double skeining thread, 2 polarity in sink contrary video signal photograph is decreased become normally video signal, reason can be restrained effectively in all modular interference, although be below strong interference environment, ability of its interference rejection is far better than coaxial cable, and the processing that carries pair of video signal, the image signal that its transmit is clearer than coaxial cable also, same root reticle mutual between won't produce interference.

■ advantage

1, wiring is convenient, wire cable utilization rate is high. Common exceed 5 kinds of reticle, there are 4 pairs of double skeining threads inside, can transmit 4 video signal at the same time, or signal of 1 3 video, control; And reticle is better than coaxial cable lay.

2, price advantage. Common the value that exceeds 5 kinds of reticle comparatives with 75-3 video line, outdoor waterproof the value that exceeds 5 kinds of reticle comparatives with 75-5 video line, but reticle can transmit multichannel signal at the same time, coaxial wire cable can be transmitted only all the way video signal.

3, transmission distance is far, transmission effect is good. Because undertook video signal magnifying promoting, transmission distance can achieve 1200 meters (high quality) , love amounts to dispatch to exceed product of 5 kinds of series to be able to assure 900 the result like the spot is achieved inside rice.

4, interference rejection capability is strong. Double skeining thread is transmitted use poor cent to transmit a method, ability of its interference rejection is more than coaxial cable.

■ wire cable is chosen

Choose eligible double skeining thread, choose a principle: Every have 8 core inside root reticle, the dc resistance of every core should be less than 15 Europe / 100 meters (GB is less than 10 Europe / 100 meters) , what need an attention particularly is the palm in reticle, palm mix to the line in vain blue, La Bai is right the resistor of the line.

The degree of finish of means of line of double skeining thread decides to transmit the stand or fall of quality, the wire cable with bad quality is line means commonly fine, it is 0.4mm length commonly insufficient, among them the cable of a few wires inside can use as far from video is transmitted will use. If use such wire cable, although purchase low-cost, but total use cost is high, cannot achieve completely anticipate the effect, do not suggest to use.

Love amounts to dispatch series double skeining thread, line means achieves 0.5mm above, 305 meters when length is a standard / box, wire cable consistency, electric parameter has safeguard, accord with the requirement that transmits pair of wire cable evenly completely. The transmission interference of the physical error be caused by of oneself is smaller, use at the Sunday run of 600 meters of above transmits video especially, use love amounts to dispatch to transcend 5 kinds of lines, can better ensure transmission result really, its transmit a distance to had exceeded nominal value.
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