The installation of power cable connect wants a place

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Cable terminal head and the connect intermediate, it is to be defeated change the important part in electric cable circuitry, its action is the screen outside head of dispersive cable terminal cuts off the electric field of place, protect cable not by puncture, still have inside, external insulation and waterproof wait for action. In cable road, accessory causes the accident of 60 % above, so the stand or fall of contact accessories quality, right whole be defeated change electric on the safe side has very main effect.

The join of 1 conductor

Low resistance of conductor join requirement and enough mechanical strength, joint cannot appear pointed horn. Low-pressure cable conductor joins commonly used is crimp in, press reinforce to notice:

The conductor join of the conductivity with 1 right choice and mechanical intensity is in charge of;

Internal diameter of 2 crimp canal and by jumper core external diameter cooperate clearance to take 0.8 ~ 1.4mm;

The contact resistance after 3 crimp should not be more than 1.2 times what wait for sectional conductor, tensile strength of cupreous conductor connect not under 60N/mm2;

Before 4 crimp, the surface inside the surface outside conductor and join canal besmears with electric glue, brush with steel wire destroy oxidation film;

The pointed horn on conductor of core of 5 join canal, line, Mao Bian, slip with file or light of sand paper burnish.

2 inside semiconductor screen processing

Every cable noumenon is had inside of screen layer, crimp must restore to be in charge of layer of the screen inside the connect of conductor part when the connect that make, of cable inside semiconductor screen all wants put apart one part, so that make join the screen inside the join head on the canal can connect each other, ensure inside of semiconductor successional, make contact take-overs thereby the field of place is strong distributing equably.

3 outside the processing of semiconductor screen

Semiconductor screen is cable and contact insulation outside exterior the half conductor that has homogeneous field effect, with inside semiconductor screen is same, very main effect had in cable and connect. Outside semiconductor port must orderly and even still requirement and insulation are flowing transfer, add screen of the semiconductor outside confusing semiconductor belt and cable reality to build in contact connect one after another.

4 cable turn over the processing of stress awl

The appearance when construction, use up inch accurate without by accident reaction force drill, it is equal that on whole cone potential distributings, when awl of reaction of cable of the cross-linking that make, use special cutting tool commonly, also can use low baking temperature nominal heat, undertake cutting with fast knife, after shaping basically, reoccupy 2mm thick glass is repaired blow, use sand paper finally by thick to fine undertake burnish, till be glossily,come.
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