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China will lead tide of report of 3 acting nucleuses me nuclear report greets sp

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Zhejiang 3, prep against sea wind, the nuclear island of a set that hoping to undertaking excavation builds construction losing, group of Chinese nucleus industry Gu Jun of limited company general manager says 3 nucleuses report: "We took the whole world the first crab. "

After 5 years, AP1000 of technology of cable of the 3rd acting nucleus will be in 3 to become reality by blueprint, 3 hopeful become the base of phone of 3 acting nucleuses with the largest whole world.

Coastal, one direction north, the preparative phase before the project of cable of 3 acting nucleuses of Shandong sea this world already also entered go into operation of main body engineering to build. Group of first electric machinery of 4 AP1000 nucleuses that builds in this two ground, formed 3 acting nucleus report of Chinese to be changed independently rely on a project. China, will lead 3 generation nuclear report tide.

Make noisy China brand

Introduce, innovation, introduce again, again innovation

Current, the nuclear report that the whole world is entering dominant of technology of cable of 3 acting nucleuses to fall anabiosises times, the whole world already had group of electric machinery of ten AP1000 nucleuses to enter construction to plan, china is in 4 unit that build, be most first 4.

"Although have 11 nucleuses,electric machinery group is in our country now move, but main facility comes from 11 countries, used level of 11 kinds of technologies, multifarious, the personage inside course of study the nuclear report from ridicule China is ' brand of 10 thousand countries ' . " Xu Lianyi of expert of committee of experts of company of technology of national nucleus cable sighs with emotion.

Accordingly, what organize by national level is large-scale technology of introduced AP1000 of report of 3 acting nucleuses, declare publicly is worn the target with more far-reaching development of Chinese nucleus report. Ou Yangyu of academician of the total stylist of nuclear power plant of hill of the Qin Dynasty that design of the first proper motion of our country builds, the Chinese Academy of Sciences says: "We want to adopt transfer of technology, rely on a project to build, those who form Chinese own brand is large and advanced technology of cable of nucleus of the caboodle that press water. "

"We seized the chance that takes the first crab, but whether had eaten, have a taste, rely on the effort of ourselves even. " Gu Jun says.

In by a definite date in process of invite public bidding of international of report of 3 acting nucleuses, discuss one of the most, hardest topics, be core technology introduce. Final, in negotiating to be reflected as a result square from beginning to end importunate " 3 100% " , namely: 100% satisfy project of unit of cable of 4 AP1000 nucleuses of equipment of key of AP1000 of the need, 100% integrality that make sure AP1000 technology is made over and advanced sex, 100% implementation homebred change, "Ensure to core technology masters inside formulary time after introducing a technology " .
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