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2012 China or will assume the index that decrease a platoon

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According to the cursory consideration of world bank, if the developed country wants to be finished as scheduled before 2012 " Kyoto protocol " the provides job that decrease a platoon, the carbon dioxide that needs to buy 2.7 billion tons of above through CDM project at least is equivalent the quantity that decrease a platoon. Integrated EB (U.N. carries out council) the statistical data of the website, up to on August 18, 2008, the whole world shares 1146 CDM project to register a success in EB, the carbon dioxide that these projects predict to arise year the quantity that decrease a platoon is equivalent of 182244817 tons of carbon dioxide. Among them Chinese project counts 256, occupy a host country to register the 22.34 % of CDM project gross, rank 2, be next to India (31.06 % ) . The carbon dioxide of predicting generation year the quantity that decrease a platoon is equivalent of 64055134 tons of carbon dioxide, occupy a host country to register a project year decreases those who discharge gross 35.15 % . Predict average and annual register nuclear card to decrease a quantity to be equivalent of 220566687 tons of carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide equivalent that there still still are many tons 20 on international needs to trade.

To the following 2012 obligation that decrease a platoon, u.N. already 2007 the bottom is in Indonesian cling to li island was passed hardly " cling to li island route chart " , bring into the United States finally aim in the negotiation process of the prospective new agreement with slow down calefacient whole world. Requirement of this one route chart is all developed country (contain the United States) must fulfill measurable, but the report, greenhouse gas that can check reduces a liability, prospective negotiation is the consideration all developed countries (include the United States) the greenhouse gas with particular set reduces a goal. China also made model, make and announced " China answers plan of climate change state " , put forward to be in future comes true inside 5 years energy-saving the target of 20 % .

Cite IPCC (change of the climate between the government is special committee) discharge a scene: chroma of gas of the greenhouse in atmosphere stability is in 450ppm, need developed country arrives whole decreased a 40 % of 25 % ~ 2020. According to climate of whole world of European Union general change controls the long-term goal inside 2 Celsius, discharge capacity of global greenhouse gas arrives when 2050 must reduce 50 % than the level when 1990.

Conference of head of European Union spring already also reached gas of European Union greenhouse to reduce a new target, be in to 2020 20 % were cut down at least on the foundation 1990, if if other and main platoon magnifies the country acts,catching up with, this target can achieve 30 % .

Can see from above, because system of climate of the following 2012 international has not come to an agreement, have uncertainty, but total tenet namely energy-saving decreasing a platoon to be sure is long-term trend, its change may be only in formally. But anyhow, energy-saving decrease this one task to be able to be in global long ground to go down continuously. Since have the need that reduces a platoon, what should have a company necessarily is energy-saving the high grade item that reduces a platoon is done prop up.
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