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National electrified wire netting starts the electrified wire netting that servi

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The reporter understands 10 days from company of power of Shanghai of national electrified wire netting, company of national electrified wire netting is become after assemble of Beijing Olympic Games made associate 2008, can undertake cooperative with global partner status and Shanghai world rich again. In the beginning of Shanghai world rich can plan, the power supply service that national electrified wire netting meets with respect to the rich that it is a world undertook comprehensive plan and preparation. On March 23, 2006, transformer substation of rich of 500 kilovolt world lays a foundation smoothly. On May 30, 2008, back cover of success of structure of this station main body, enter phase of wall body construction.

Already the 4 worlds rich that start working builds is met project of key form a complete set, include transformer substation of rich of 500 kilovolt world, Beijing on the west road - transformer substation of the city austral the 220 kilovolt inside area of garden of rich of the project such as channel of electric power of road of an ancient name for China, world and transformer substation of 220 kilovolt Lian Yun, the electric power that meets the rich that it is a world is supplied offer adamancy to prop up. In the meantime, exhibit house power supply each for area of world rich garden directly " project of electric power core " , transformer substation of 5 110 kilovolt also in succession start working, among them Pudong area has 3, Pu Xi area has 2; Channel of electric power of road of half Song garden and channel of electric power of Xue Ye road build project of its form a complete set to be being advanced in order.

Shanghai power company still was world rich to be able to be established specialization the client serves a group, assure to electric power is supplied and serve " world rich can defend electric plan " planning actively fulfil in. (origin: Chinese power network)