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Look forward to enters Russian electric power to build the market in

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On September 9, designing institute of Chinese northeast electric power and Russia quartz, Qiu Ming company held power station of Troy Sike coal fired in Moscow autograph of contract of design of project of island of motive force of 660 sign made of baked clay unit makes an appointment with 2 × ceremony.

2007 the end of the year, quartz, win out in the invite public bidding that Qiu Ming company organizes in company of Russia power terminal market, always contract power station of Troy Sike coal fired 2 × project of island of motive force of 660 sign made of baked clay unit. 2008 the beginning of the year, by adviser of Chinese power project designing institute of group northeast electric power and Heilongjiang Sirius power station set stock to be restricted factory and Harbin power plant comprised turbine of factory of boiler of company, Harbin, Harbin to bid combine, bid in Russia successful. The autograph of this project is carried out about, the mark is worn Chinese power company begins to enter Russia electric power to build the market.

China is stationed in commercial counsellor of economy of Russian diplomatic mission to was in fair ginseng of tall stannum cloud to attend afore-mentioned autographs to arrange a ceremony, gao Xiyun points out, promote ceaselessly in the reforming and opening that production technology of production of level of design of Chinese power station, equipment and ability and construction install ability and efficiency to be in 30 years, already reached world advanced level. In recent years, of Russia power facilities rebuild and extend pace is accelerated ceaselessly, the cooperation that two countries builds an aspect in electric power is mutual benefit mutual beneficial. Gao Xiyun still points out, when Chinese enterprise enters Russia building, estate and power market, encountered a technology to devise the question with different level, russia government should be strengthened in standard attestation respect and China cooperate and communicate, reach consensus, those who promote cooperation of bilateral classics trade is farther deepen. (western power network)