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30 years Chinese the sources of energy develops reforming and opening of the str

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Reforming and opening 30 years, with Chinese economic system reform runs paralell, still another changes a general name for arteries and veins, namely economy grows what means or economy grow pattern to change, and this changes medium important one annulus, be strategy of Chinese energy development change. China " strategy of integrated energy efficiency " with China " the sources of energy and economy coordinate development strategy " it is the core content that this changes.

China " strategy of integrated energy efficiency "

After reforming and opening 1982, the 12 puts forward formally to break up two times in the economy inside 20 years greatly great strategy targets of the party, but the weak point that the sources of energy that regards national economy as lifeblood at that time, traffic is national economy, become the bottleneck that national economy grows quickly, it is good to if problem of bottleneck of the sources of energy is not solved,can say, want to affect the implementation that translates a goal two times to economy necessarily, this formed consensus in entire party throughout the country. For this, the Party Central Committee develops strategic idea according to scientific energy resources, took a series of strong policy step, include " make a state " energy science and technology " development plans " , "Establish committee of national energy resources " , "Base of construction Shanxi the sources of energy " , "Put forward development and managing pay equal attention to, the near future with managing the guiding principle that give priority to " , "Departmental door, industry and enterprise build administration of the sources of energy " , "The whole nation develops energy-saving month activity " , "Make energy-saving way " etc. To 1995 Chinese gross domestic product broke up two times than 1980, the sources of energy is used up break up one time only, the Party Central Committee puts forward " protect two times " the ground like target miracle came true 5 years ahead of schedule. Can say, after reforming and opening " economy turns over period two times (1981-1995) " it is the best period that the sources of energy on Chinese history and economy coordinate development, sum up the valuable experience of this period seriously, be opposite no matter him China, still be pair of other developing countries, have very important sense.
The author considers to think, 80 time are faced with 20 centuries " economy breaks up two times, how does the sources of energy do? " when the problem, rely on energy science and technology to undertake innovating havinged very main effect from energy development strategy above all.
Before reforming and opening, china did not study the sources of energy develops strategic problem. The circumstance at that time is economic progress needs how many the sources of energy, how much to produce, production of energy of this kind of complete support supplies the strategic guiding ideology that will expand economy, can be called " strategy opening a source " . A lot of world nations are in 1973 before oil crisis, also execute " strategy opening a source " , the developed country needs how many oil to be able to supply how many oil at that time, and the price is low (2-3 dollar a pail of) . "Strategy opening a source " the consequence that cause is crisis of occurrence world oil. Look from Chinese circumstance, waste of the sources of energy is more and more serious, vegetation of pollution of the carriage tension that causes by the sources of energy, environment, forest is destroyed, burden of investment of exploitation of excessive of oil natural resources, the sources of energy is overweight wait a series of clammy phenomena a moment from this and unripe. This kind of strategy causes specific power consumption of gross domestic product finally taller and taller, integrated energy efficiency is lower and lower.
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