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Our country studies the direction that sends outside Tibetan water and electrici

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" Tibetan water and electricity is open concerned problem sends research outside mixing " research report had been finished a few days ago, the report represented the power transmission direction that outside storing electricity, sends and power transmission scale.

Study positive result according to this, main way sends to be plain change outside storing electricity, China middle east 4 provinces and Guangdong; Main outside power transmission river is Jin Shajiang upper reaches of upper reaches, river of billows dark blue, angry river upper reaches and elegant river trunk stream and main minor aspects.

Power transmission source divides level to undertake outside, send outside the water and electricity that the first phase drafts to develop advanced position of upper reaches of river of dark blue of Jin Shajiang upper reaches, billows, angry river first, came 2020 dimensions sends to be 15.8 million kilowatt outside 2030, came 2030 dimensions sends to be 15.92 million kilowatt outside 2040, came 2040 dimensions sends to be 4.9 million kilowatt outside 2050.

The 2nd phase develops Chinese ink of elegant river trunk stream to take off stage by stage outside reaching grand of its affluent handkerchief to store cloth water and electricity, send, came 2030 dimensions sends to be 19.64 million kilowatt outside 2040, came 2040 dimensions sends to be 31.57 million kilowatt outside 2050.

Reporter from what holding 2008 " travel notes of world of China environmental protection -- Tibet goes " the understanding in the activity arrives, studying a report is entrust Tibetan power company, country by company of national electrified wire netting electrodynamic company of group of adviser of company of group of adviser of project of water and electricity of economic research center, China and Chinese power project finishs jointly.

Check according to countrywide hydrodlectric resources achievement statistic, reserves of hydrodlectric resources theory is Tibetan whole area 200 million kilowatt, occupy the 29 % of reserves of theory of countrywide hydrodlectric resources, occupy countrywide first place. Tibetan water can one of resource development tasks are, send outside executive Tibet report and industry of construction Tibet water and electricity and on the west report east send continue the sources of energy base.

(origin: Hui Cong net)