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Large and wind- driven electric field builds go into operation of store of proje

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The project of large and wind- driven electric field that report joins northeast new energy resources to develop limited company to invest about 2.8 billion yuan of construction in, go into operation of city of tile-roofed house inn was visited in Liaoning recently. This project covers an area of an area to make an appointment with 62 square kilometer, total installed capacity is 300 million to cover with tiles.

Coasting is as long as the city of tile-roofed house inn of 412 kilometers, it is the area with wind- driven relatively substantial natural resources, wind- driven resource reachs a nation 4 grade level. To dig wind- driven resource adequately, solve electric power of the area austral distant to supply nervous problem at the same time, electric investment constructs large and wind- driven electric field in.

Whole project will be divided period construction, will 2010 all and finishing, total installed capacity can amount to 250 thousand kilowatt. First phase project plans to invest 530 million yuan, install 33 stand-alone 1500 kilowatt, add up to the wind- driven generation set with 49.5 made of baked clay million. First phase project plans December 2009 and the net generates electricity, produce per year electric power 100 million much watt-hour. Generate electricity with firepower project phase is compared, but managing mark coal 43 thousand tons, the carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon 120 thousand tons.

As we have learned, this project uses the advanced green on international to generate electricity technology. At present as famous as Germany already bank signed the agreement that decrease a platoon, annual but from U.N. relevant organization wins subsidy of 10 million yuan of RMBs.  

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