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Typhonic assault is defeated change electric equipment electrified wire netting

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In recent years, the typhoon assaults foreland of our country southeast often, exceed blast force to be reached to electrified wire netting be defeated change electric equipment caused huge loss, what affected electrified wire netting badly is normal move. How to rise in the round be defeated change calamity of nature of electric equipment defence and the ability that answer electrified wire netting to break out an accident, already became utmost to reduce the destruction to electrified wire netting, main task that raises its safety to run a level.
Inflict heavy losses on in the light of the typhoon the reality of electrified wire netting, not long ago, project of Chinese electric machinery learns to change electrical engineering technology of electric major committee, China learns to be defeated change branch of switch of committee of electric equipment major and high pressure of association of industry of Chinese electric equipment begins special subject survey jointly. The survey group that forms by the expert inside the course of study such as high-pressured switch, transformer and electric porcelain lightning arrester, thorough Zhejiang saves the disaster area a gleam of such as lukewarm state city, stage state city, visit survey on the spot the typhoon changes to be defeated the destruction that electric equipment causes.
Carry the analysis of accidents of pair of net of nearly 3 years of incoming telegrams and research, the expert had specific aim ground to put forward to be defeated change electric equipment is being designed, make, craft, and of relative standard respect answer measure, its are in make sure safety of electrified wire netting moves should adopt be on guard of the respect such as measure build character to make suggestions, rebuild to undertaking electrified wire netting better, accomplish build protective screen of safety of electrified wire netting against a rainy day, all have profit greatly.
This year in August the last ten-day of a month, typhoon " parrot " with intensity big, mobile fast, incidence is wide, destroy the characteristic with powerful force to assault Guangdong electrified wire netting. Doing good defense and work of rush to deal with an emergency hammer and tongs while, the personage inside course of study fights the attention degree of calamity ability to warm up quickly to how improving electrified wire netting and facility.
   The typhoon inflicts heavy losses on equipment of electrified wire netting
Suffer typhonic assault, be defeated change electric equipment is played havoc with.
The personage inside course of study encounters especially big typhoon to 50 years " Sang Mei " when landing, cause the circumstance remain fresh in one's memory that electrified wire netting and device are damaged badly.
2006, typhoon " Sang Mei " the electrified wire netting that gives Zhejiang Wen Zhou and area of Fujian Fu Ding and equipment cause serious damage. Only lukewarm city electrified wire netting creates tripping operation of 500 kilovolt line 8 times in all, tripping operation of 220 kilovolt line 5, tripping operation of 110 kilovolt line 40, tripping operation of 35 kilovolt line 42, tripping operation of 10 kilovolt line 318. This the typhoon causes rechuck of 220 kilovolt circuitry 3 base, rechuck of 110 kilovolt circuitry 98 base. In the meantime, attaint 110 kilovolt advocate transformer; Transformer substation of two 35 kilovolt is destroyed. According to not complete count, the immediate pecuniary loss that this the typhoon causes to lukewarm city electrified wire netting is close 200 million yuan.
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