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Electric inspect can say CPI drops achieve conditional electrovalency to anticip

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11 days, national electric power superintends committee (inspect of abbreviation state report is met) bridge of Zou Yi of superintendency department head expresses the price and finance affairs, CPI dropped to be adjusted further for electrovalency in August created a condition, electrovalency anticipates the meeting is timely go up once more tone. Since 2007 heretofore, the half that electrovalency does not rise to coal cost, power plant is small deficient, pressure of business of electrified wire netting is quite great also.
Zou ease bridge is in national report inspect is met " executive circumstance of 2007 year electrovalency superintends a report " on the press conference so denotive. This report shows, because of our country electric power system is reformed and electrovalency reform returns afoot, electrovalency is carried out in put in policy of a few electrovalency not perfect, mechanism, system is diseased the contradiction that waits for generation and problem.
Countrywide sale electrovalency is average on July 1 every kilowatt hour raises money 2.5 minutes, about 1.7 minutes are moved on online electrovalency among them; On August 20, outside dividing Tibet, Xinjiang, online electrovalency of company of countrywide fire phone raises money on average 2 minutes again, but sale electrovalency was not made adjust. Zou ease bridge expresses, going up on August 20 when moving online electrovalency, the country expresses already clearly, the cost share that because sell electrovalency to did not adjust company of electrified wire netting,assumes first charge to an account, this part cost becomes the consideration factor that sells electrovalency to adjust next time. Sale electrovalency was not made before adjust, the key is the country wants the CPI with taller adjusting control.
He discloses, from 2007 heretofore, electrovalency rises twice only, among them, have not is national 2007 go up tone electrovalency, this action causes the in part that electrovalency does not rise to coal cost. Generate electricity at present the enterprise is in small short position generally, although enterprise of electrified wire netting still is in gain, but pressure is quite great.
The fall of CPI created a condition to be adjusted of sale electrovalency again in August. He believes, selling electrovalency to be not adjusted is temporary only. Adjust of electrovalency next time as to the sale whether the query inside year, zou ease bridge expresses that he cannot be judged.
Nevertheless he expresses, if sell electrovalency to adjust, among them dweller electrovalency should go up accordingly tone, because in the world, electrovalency of commerce of dweller electrovalency prep above, and our country just contrary, 56% what dweller electrovalency is not worth commercial electrovalency. Of course, low to the city protect and the country is small protect a crowd to still can give special take care of.
In addition, to situation of supply and demand of power of second half of the year, tan Rongyao of meeting news spokesman introduces national report inspect, predict overall balance, electric power can support the need that national economy grows, but southern part period of time still may pull brake to be restricted report.
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