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National electrified wire netting boosts 4 base energetically 3 centers construc

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On September 4 morning, chen Jin of vise general manager of company of national electrified wire netting inspected Wuhan spy high pressure to communicate experiment base all right, praise this base builds moving job to achieve " rate play of good, function stresses fast, quality " fixed target.

This year, company of national electrified wire netting will communicate an experiment around " spy high pressure mainly base, special metric center, emulation center, data transmits " of base of experiment of base of base of high-pressured dc experiment, lever tower experiment, high height above sea level and " , drive progress of company whole science and technology further. The " that Chen Jin asks concerned branch lead considers to unite a standard all right 3 centers " runs 4 base operation pattern, " function is achieved to develop the target of " of lowest of best, moving cost after striving to join movement.

Special base of high-pressured communication experiment is 915 " of national " major construction project is special the main component of project of high-pressured communication test, it is actual special the rehearse of high-pressured construction project. Pass experiment base construction, demonstrative project of test of net spy high pressure is in national report special high-pressured electromagnetism environment, special requirement of technology of high-pressured engineering design, equipment, equipment is made, project, experiment is debugged run the good experience that waits for a respect to obtain, will be special safety of high-pressured electrified wire netting, stable, economy moves offer prop up strongly.

Be those who establish world banner standard is special platform of scientific research of technology of high-pressured transmit electricity, strengthen further right special the guidance of the respect such as program of demonstrative project of high-pressured communication test, design, construction and the action that prop up, company of national electrified wire netting is on the experiment establishment base that already built, already started in the round special high-pressured communication base is optimized adjust construction project job.