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Water and electricity will build hydroelectric station for Kenya in

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Kenya power company builds group company 11 days to sign an agreement with water and electricity of Chinese irrigation works, decision by in water and electricity will build Kenya the hydroelectric station of Sang Ge collect western, with alleviating the sources of energy of country of this East Africa supplies nervous problem.
According to the agreement, this one project will this year in November start working, time limit for a project 3 years. Hydroelectric station of Sang Ge collect will be built in Kenya western the Song Du inside Lake Victoria basin - on rice benefit Wu He, be located in existent Song Du - hydroelectric station of rice benefit black is downstream 5 kilometer place, installed capacity 20 thousand kilowatt.
This project predicts to will be cost 46. Shilling of 500 million Kenya (add up to 66 million dollar about) , among them 36. 500 million shilling will come from the favourable loan of bank of Japan border collaboration, additionally 1 billion shilling will raise money by Kenya power company.
At present power demand is Kenya whole nation 104. 90 thousand kilowatt, and its generating capacity has 114 only. 50 thousand kilowatt. According to in recent years increase scope, power demand will supply capacity very quickly more than.