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A dam aluminium restores production to rebuild after factory shake plan is knock

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According to concerning sectional information, a few days ago, hair of province of organization of Sichuan province government changes appoint, province classics appoint wait for relevant section and Bosaiji the A dam that chief of aluminous plant of dam of round, A plays is aluminous the factory restores to rebuild the special subject conference of concerned problem, knock decided A dam aluminous plant to restore production to rebuild plan. So far, a dam aluminium restores to rebuild after plant disaster the job be about to comprehensive, fast, orderly spread out.
The conference is agreed: A dam aluminous plant restores 110 thousand tons to electroanalysis in former address aluminous product line is feasible, the field requirement such as facilities of highway transportation, power and geological environment, safe environment can get ensuring through taking corresponding step, agree with an enterprise to clutch the organization resumes production, ensure to 110 thousand tons restore to electroanalysis before December 12 aluminous product line; A dam aluminous plant electroanalysises 90 thousand tons in former address extend aluminous, form a complete set builds 100 thousand tons of aluminium alloy and profile treatment product line and different ground to rebuild 500 thousand tons electroanalysis aluminous, form a complete set builds 300 thousand tons of aluminium alloy and profile project. Ask departmental door is strengthened cooperate and coordinate, the requirement that watchs according to scientific progress is begun evaluate argumentation and program design, accelerate working schedule. Program and construction want to ask to accord with with geological condition and environmental carrying capacity, with county of plain of A dam city, short of Wenshui River calamity hind rebuilds industrial position and photograph of structural adjustment program plan as a whole, with " overall planning rebuilds after Sichuan saves calamity of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River " join.
In the meantime, product line of aluminous to A dam still factory resumes the meeting, extend and different ground rebuild wait for project and project of construction of form a complete set, and restore to produce place of project of power supply, extend to need land, the respect such as concerned environmental protection, finance, finance, taxation needs to coordinated harmony problem to undertake specific fulfil and divide the work, made clear departmental door duty.
Below the provincial Party committee, leader that saves a government, a dam city and province are carried out seriously instantly about the branch continuously fulfil Hu Jintao's secretary-general, members of standing committee of Li Kejiang, Zhou Yongkang, Vice Prime Minister Zhang Dejiang and Liu Jibao's secretary restores rebuilding important directive vitality about factory of A dam aluminium, according to the province the government unites deploy, height takes seriously, quick action, already restored to rebuild for A dam aluminous plant at present did a lot of fruitful works.
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