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Country is the biggest project of Guang Fufa cable is in solar energy Shanghai d

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Domestic monomer area is the largest and solar energy of net million made of baked clay class project of Guang Fufa cable -- Shanghai faces harbor solar energy demonstrative project of Guang Fufa cable, devoted today commerce moves, indicate smooth hot season applies an our country solar energy to already entered new development period.
Shanghai is the city with most gross of Chinese energy consumption, also be the sources of energy external depend on sb or sth for existence spends one of highest cities. Current, shanghai electrified wire netting exerts oneself power source basically generates electricity with firepower give priority to, among them 90% for coal fired aircrew, sulfur of the carbon dioxide with the many generation in process giving report, 2 oxidation, nitric acid, soot, grey broken bits, adverse to environment and zoology influence. World rich was met 2010 be about to hold in Shanghai, to improve urban environment quality, transform in system of coal electricity power decrease a platoon while, positive development uses solar energy to wait but second birth the sources of energy also very be necessary.
Throw what commerce moves today and project of photoelectricity of net million made of baked clay class, those who collect Na Duan is located in to face harbor south this city inside new city, it makes full use of Shanghai is electric base of equipment of the reshipment that face harbor is close the roofing of big span workshop of 30 thousand square metre. According to general manager of firm of investment of Shanghai Shen Nengxin the sources of energy Li Wei art introduces, development of this one project builds last a period of time more than one year, on month one and the net generates electricity successful, through 168 hours try move, in order, installed capacity achieves 1080 kilowatt, year electricenergy production 100 much watt-hour (degree) , accord with design requirement completely, can achieve offer the capacity that generate electricity and capability to urban electrified wire netting and circumjacent area, year all can decrease a carbon dioxide about 521 tons, 2 oxidation sulfur 3 tons, carbolic oxide 5 tons, soot 1 ton, year all section coal makes an appointment with 357 tons, right energy-saving decrease a platoon to have positive effect.
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Solar energy is those who take is endless, those who use not the clean the sources of energy of exhaust. Solar energy generates electricity cent generates electricity for smooth heat and smooth hot season generates electricity. The solar energy that says normally generates electricity those who point to is solar energy light volt generates electricity, abbreviation " photoelectricity " . System of Guang Fufa cable by solar cell board (package) , 3 much comprise controller and inverter, they are main by the electron yuan parts of an apparatus is formed, do not involve mechanical part, generate electricity consequently equipment very fine, reliable, stable, life is long, installation is safeguarded handy. Generate electricity with commonly used firepower systematic photograph is compared, solar energy generates electricity the system is discharged besides free from contamination outside, still have construction cycle weak point and the dominant position that can use building roofing.
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