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Communication of construction of safe production civilization meets national nuc

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On September 11, 2008, safe production of company of technology of national nucleus cable and civilized construction communication can be in spot of 3 nucleuses report is held. This is the first time spot that since company of technology of national nucleus cable holds water, holds safety communication is met. This second communication is met by company of technology of national nucleus cable project government department is sponsorred, by the country nuclear engineering company undertakes.
Company of technology of national nucleus cable and what its belong to project of unit Shanghai nucleus to study project of designing institute, Shandong power refers trade of zirconium of titanium of treasure of nucleus of production company of equipment of phone of nucleus of company of engineering of nucleus of courtyard, country, Shandong, country nucleus of joint-stock company, country from company of appearance system engineering, country nuclear power plant runs a service.

On the meeting, 3 SPMO quality, environment and professional health are safe (HSE) report of 3 the item of 3 plan of job of the sectional work function of analysis of difference of the importance that manager ROSS Willey works with respect to HSE of nuclear power plant, China and international standard, SPMO HSE, future, HSE, nucleuses. Job of spot of report of in relief nucleus of of great capacity of union of Shell Shortes of manager of HSE of   of Hai Yang SPMO explained the key of safe production and civilized construction work actually. The means that personnel attending the meeting still communicates through interacting and controller of 3 SPMO, Hai Yang SPMO communicated the valuable experience in safe production and civilized construction.

Controller of nuclear engineering company is opposite the country the measure that the meaning of this second communication activity, safe production and civilized construction need to adopt in next jobs undertook demonstrative. Personnel attending the meeting expresses, will meet with this communication for chance, improve inadequacy further, improve level of management in the round, pay good safe production and civilized construction work seriously, to advance 3 generation smoothly nuclear report relies on a project to build a process to make positive contribution.
Session, personnel attending the meeting is thorough still site of construction of island of nucleus of first phase project of 3 nuclear power plant undertook making an on-the-spot investigation study.