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Be defeated by distribution tycoon Sino-Frenchly to carry out strategic collabor

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Shanghai on September 14 one of 500 strong companies of electric world Fa of French A Hai (AREVA) group, as electric as Shanghai a few days ago group signs an agreement, be defeated by domain of transformer of distribution spy high pressure to carry out overall strategy collaboration. Both sides combines established new joint-stock company, will aim at high end to lose distribution technology, development production international is top-ranking superhigh pressure, special transformer of high pressure, oversize, all-around extend Chinese market.
It is reported, this one joint-stock project comprises by 3 main body: The plant of transformer of Fa of Shanghai A sea that already established namely, and two transformer that both sides will face harbor and Wuhan to be established jointly in Shanghai produce a business, predicting investment evens more 80 million yuan.
Expert introduction, our country is being built medium special project of high-pressured transmit electricity, representing be defeated now change the top level of electric technology. Technology of applied spy high pressure, can come true western with the eastpart part, mid resource optimize configuration, guide western send outside the development that intensive of base of big coal phone changes development and flood phone base and Sunday run, reduce the construction scope of project of cable of coal of area of the eastpart part, alleviate state of insecurity of fortune of coal report oil, reduce contaminant discharge capacity, stimulative electrified wire netting and power source coordinate development. Among them, transformer voltage order and degree is higher, the size is larger, production difficulty is greater also. The whole nation has a few a few companies only capable production. And Shanghai is electric the collaboration with A Hai Fa, hopeful is in future inside 5 years 3 joint ventureses be defeated by transformer of distribution electric power produce can raise 70 million kilovolt how to be installed to 85 million kilovolt.
Xu Jianguo of Shanghai electric president says: "According to the structure of the sources of energy of our country, special the inevitable trend that technology of transmit electricity of high pressure, superhigh pressure and equipment had made electrified wire netting develop, chinese government already also was his the strategic stress that develops great technology equipment and product certainly. Special technology of transmit electricity of high pressure, superhigh pressure and equipment, market potential is tremendous, development perspective is wide. "
Concern sectional program according to the country, 2020, our country will build special high-pressured communication transformer substation 53, change capacitance 3. 3.6 billion kilovolt is installed, circuit length 4. 450 thousand kilometer; Build project of dc transmit electricity 38, be defeated by capacitance 1 . 9.1 billion kilowatt, circuit length 5. 230 thousand kilometer, equipment of technology of electrified wire netting achieves international with moving index advanced level.
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