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Chinese plan saves build south Liu Hu inside two nuclear power plant

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Beijing (Dow Jones) China plans in Hunan Province build two nuclear power plant generate electricity with satisfying place demand, the coal because of Hunan Province and other generate electricity fuel is supplied owe stability.
Company of technology of national nucleus cable (State Nuclear Power Technology Corp. ) express, chinese electric power invests group company (China Power Investment Corp. ) the power plant that builds the small Mo Shanxing that is in city of Yue Yang of Hunan Province the eastpart part to use technology of AP1000 nucleus cable.

Company of group of investment of Chinese electric power is limited company of development of international of Chinese electric power (China Power International Development Ltd. , 2380.HK, abbreviation: Chinese electric power) parent company.

Company of technology of national nucleus cable is the supplier of AP1000. This company last year with on the west house is electric company (Westinghouse Electric Co. ) signed agreement of AP1000 transfer of technology.
Cover according to Hunan media, power plant of young black hill will assemble the generation set of class of two 1 million kilowatt according to the program, the likelihood is returned later remilitarize the aircrew of class of 4 1 million kilowatt.
Company of group of Chinese nucleus industry (China National Nuclear Corp. , abbreviation: In nuclear group company) announce on its website, will be in Hunan Province western the build of peach blossom river of beneficial in relief city another nuclear power plant, assemble class of 4 1 million kilowatt generation set; This project stars building on 2010.
With installed capacity plan, nuclear group company is China's biggest nuclear phone company in.

Mix as report of a coal natural resources of water and electricity is scarce the inland province that lack, hunan Province develops nuclear report urgently, in this province the summer is supplied because of provincial coal this year drop and appear after serious electric power is in short supply, this problem becomes highlight particularly.

Nuclear group company still shows in, the plan is saved in Zhejiang western some county builds plant of one home appliance, and saving project of one place power station to Henan undertake feasibility is investigated.

China plans to be in nuclear report installed capacity increased 40 million kilowatt by the left and right sides of 11 million kilowatt 2007 2020. (western power network)