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Height of Jiangxi electric power takes seriously in all construction of green el

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Save strategy of economy of Yang Hu of governmental annulus Po as Jiangxi provincial Party committee carry out, develop greenly in all with its individual situation and special political significance get height takes seriously, local economy progress faces unprecedented opportunity, electrified wire netting built the base that expands as economy and go ahead of the rest to also welcome good luck and challenge.
On September 19, in all spot of program of development of green electrified wire netting can be in companies of 9 Jiang Gongqing power supply assembly room is held, xiong Jiasen of member of leading Party group of company of Jiangxi province power, vise general manager, in all black town opens a developing zone to be in charge of appoint conference chairman Xia Xing and expert of relevant electric power attended the meeting. This second conference is aimed at in all the problem that green electrified wire netting exists at present, and through why be being planted means comes the problem such as construction undertook serious research and deploy.
Pass this second conference, made clear further in all black area future the bear using phone of a paragraph of period, affirmatory manna 35 kilovolt transformer substation in November the start working before the bottom, measurable lead makes the program issue that 110kV transformer substation builds; The electrified wire netting of the program of electrified wire netting that has made new the city zone hard at the same time and old the city zone transforms the job, rise in all power supply of area of garden of industry of black town developing zone is led reliably, advance the development step of industrial garden area; Each cooperate actively about the branch, preferential arrangement is good solve electrified wire netting " card neck " project and key industry project are built with the project such as report, to fly greenly in all open up " green passageway " .

Setting data:
To promote in all the development of black town, in the center of, province city publishs policy to support in succession in all black town accelerates development. Su Rong of secretary of Jiangxi provincial Party committee inspects ask when black town in all, put forward according to Hu Jintao's secretary-general " us in all black town construction makes the socialistic development in the modernization that enjoys high reputation domestic and internationally " directive, before look up sex a bit stronger, courage a bit bigger, development is a bit rapidder, come true hard in all black town spans type rises abruptly. The secretary is in the requirement such as Liu Hao of the first secretary to do one's best in the center of Jiangxi governor Wu Xinxiong, group ground of the ground, scientific deal with concrete matters relating to work supports in all black progress.
On September 17 morning, jiangxi saves support in all conference of first time of group of leader of black town progress is in in all black town is held. The conference asks to be on construction of electrified wire netting, want to consider the need of current development already, want to consider the need that future admits again. To implement conference spirit, on September 19, jiangxi power company calls together relevant expert to hold in all spot of program of development of green electrified wire netting is met.
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