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Hair change appoint: China will build power station of bend over of first large

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Chinese country hair changes appoint Shi Lishan of vice director of department of new energy of bureau of the sources of energy disclosed in Changzhou on September 20, china will build power station of bend over of first desert light in Gansu Province.
Shi Lishan is to attending the solar energy of the 10th China that holding here conference of smooth hot season those who make afore-mentioned stating. Shi Lishan is right the entrepreneur of smooth hot season of hundreds best show of Chinese that attends this meeting says: You can begin to prepare instantly.

In recent years, china becomes product of world smooth hot season to develop the fastest nation, solar battery crop has exceeded Japan to reside the world the first. But between industry of Chinese smooth hot season and market extremely lopsided. The product basically is exported Euramerican. Accordingly, promote the development of market of Guang Fufa cable, become the urgent matter inside the industry.
Shi Lishan says, china not only should give aid to all sorts of diminutive smooth hot season generate electricity project, should drive power station of large smooth hot season to get online more.

Current, china is large widen the ground and project of net smooth hot season begins to set an example merely, occupied Chinese solar energy to generate electricity only 7% of total capacity.
Shi Lishan says, solar energy generates electricity to be mixed as cleanness but second birth the sources of energy, have a boundless future. Accordingly, look now the desert of the stretch to the horizon that does not have what action, the base of the sources of energy that becomes future. Desert power station will become one of prospective brunt the sources of energy.

China western the area is having the desert with vast area. Be in new in revolution of round of the sources of energy, these dreariness the desert of chiliad becomes power center likely.
Shi Lishan still discloses, power station of bend over of a large light will be built in the area in Tibetan A, solve the electric power over there in short supply problem.
China these move that prompt construction of power station of large light bend over, will bring very large market space for enterprise of Chinese smooth hot season, drive the development of industry of smooth hot season thereby.

News source: Chinese news network