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Area of west hill of another name for Hubei province builds a plant of one big c

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Afterwards built large cable business in the gully that the country at the beginning of 70 time invests 20 centuries to order south bank of military region the Yangtse River in city of Yichang of area of west hill of another name for Hubei province- - Hubei
After factory of red flag cable, the economic developing zone that hill area smooths in Yichang city at the beginning of 2007 built a large China and foreign countries again joint-stock cable company- - limited company of cable of Hubei the Yangtse River.

According to " net of medium of hill of 3 gorge exterminate " reported on April 17, 2008, the project of product line of unit of deoxidization copper lever that this company already built product line of 6500 kilometre cable and form a complete set. Company producible high pressure, superhigh pressure, medium fireproof and cable of low-pressure environmental protection cross-linking, special type cable, flame retardant insulated cable of cable, built on stilts, oak covers the 8 old series such as cable the product of 8000 many norms, product quality achieves international advanced level, the product already applied ministry of irrigation works of power plant of Yu Sha spy, Vietnam, 3 gorge the domestic and international large project such as subway of group of dam of key water control project, arrowroot continent, Shanghai, Beijing subway. This company is made up in breed of scale of production, productivity, norms, equipment, the banner level that the respect such as technical content reached industry of domestic and international person of the same trade, the project is amounted to postpartum but year achieve production value 3.5 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 300 million yuan, provide obtain employment 1000 people.

According to " 3 gorge evening paper " message, production value already amounted to company of cable of the Yangtse River 2007 616 million yuan. " website of Bureau of Finance of exterminate hill area says, this company already became Hubei to save company of arms of the person at the head of a procession of a hunderd schools 2008.

Limited company of cable of Hubei the Yangtse River is by bank of group of Canadian CIGC industry, England Baiweier invests limited company He Baofeng cable group invests build jointly. This project registers capital gold 280 million RMB, always invest 1.13 billion yuan, cover an area of an area to make an appointment with 400 mus. The site of factory is located in 3 gorge large dams downstream the Hubei that 20 kilometers are in saves developing zone of economy of hill of Yichang city exterminate Cai Jiahe village. (south cable network)