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Spit rash time will build project of cable of two large wind

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According to spitting rash time administrative office introduction, can go up in the Wu Qia that holds here, network new source controls the country 500 million yuan of investment tell a limited company rash time great river edge with on the west black hill is divisional project of 50 thousand kilowatt and Hua Nengxin border energy development company is in 480 million yuan the wind cable project of forty-nine thousand five hundred kilowatt signs small careless lake respectively about. Among them, china can project of forty-nine thousand five hundred kilowatt will this year building of the end of the year, project of company of network new source is in the country the end of the year was finished 2009.

Current, in the report of much home wind such as report of swift as the wind, Chinese China report develops group of wide nucleus, big Tang Ji, nation the company is being spat rash time the area measures wind, predict 2009 the end of the year, spit rash time wind-force generates electricity will achieve 250 thousand kilowatt, jump house is whole border the first place.

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