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Next year moves in net of TD2 period core was finished to build before the botto

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TD2 period moves in job of invite public bidding of net of 28 cities core is started formally recently. Announcement of newest invite public bidding moves in occupying, 2 period wireless network equipment purchases the project dimensions is 23 thousand wireless base station, about 160 thousand wireless carry fan. If go well, next year June, net of TD2 period core can be thrown use, add 10 cities that first phase place enclothes, at the appointed time, TD network signal will cover country all provincial capital cities, municipality directly under the Central Government and city of plan only kind, will be in for TD inside countrywide limits try business to use lay a foundation.
Shift did not disclose amount of specific invite public bidding in, the investment amount that builds a network according to first phase is computative, total value is controlled in 21 billion yuan about -- 10 cities build TD first phase net cost exceeds 14.2 billion yuan, in all construction radical stands 16 thousand. Analytic personage is conjectural, should be in 2 period enlarge TD network to countrywide limits inside, the network builds total investment to predict to will exceed 30 billion yuan.
It is reported, 2 period the city that build a network includes Dalian, Harbin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hainan, Chongqing, Lhasa, Xining and Urumqi to wait add up to 28 cities and area, the work that build a network is completed before shift already asked each place company is by June 2009 in.
Additional all, mobile headquarters already tried business to issue an order with the mobile company of 10 cities to TD in, be sure to ensure before abstruse meeting ended incomplete on September 20 develop user of 260 thousand TD. In addition, mobile headquarters is returned in will at near future make known to lower levels user of the 2nd phase expands the job, the target of user of TD of before the end of the year 10 cities needs to achieve 400 thousand.
The personage inside course of study is analysed, telecommunication recombines enter ending phase, subsequently and come will be 3G license plate extend, shift is grabbed just about in eve is put to develop user of 3G mobile phone energetically in 3G card issue as before. And after TD2 period builds, shift will be in in 38 cities of countrywide open 3G operation.
What pay close attention to about industry is asymmetrical control also had newest progress. Chang Xiaobing of Chinese UniCom president confirmed on September 16, tianjin and Shenzhen are about to start the asymmetry control measure with portable number. This is operation business is in charge of first high to affirm will implement asymmetry control measure.
The personage inside course of study thinks, in how assuring to recombine new is trade of 3 big operation benign and balanced develop? Take date to turn the net is inspected the strongest step. Move at China relatively, chinese UniCom and Chinese telecommunication have extensive firm network and broadband user base, if execute " one-way " turn net policy, two operation business anticipates can use its dominant position, expand to increase user market share newly, and attract user of the high end in the part. (Chinese power network)
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