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Circuitry of promotion of blessing vessel power supply is anti-fouling show new

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A few days ago, company of blessing vessel power supply finishs 35 kilovolt article smoothly to cross line of industrial garden division anti-fouling the application that shows new technology, the success application of this technology will increase electrified wire netting of blessing vessel brunt and electric function stability greatly.

35 kilovolt article crosses line of industrial garden division is blessing vessel city the circuitry of key of area of garden of lukewarm state industry of capital attraction, because be located in coastal and outstanding ministry, it is workshop of the construction on the salt field foundation before, be invaded all the year round by saline mist, breaker of this circuitry vacuum produces saline density to exceed mark to cause tripping operation of discharge showing subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy for many times. Groovy processing method is to adopt strong pattern insulator " meet stop to be washed surely " method, workload is big, periodic short. As a result of regular tripping operation, unripe to masses generation causes very big inconvenience alive, urgent affairs increases line namely anti-fouling show a level. For this, ministry of this company power transmission cooperates to give birth to ability ministry to begin QC group to the task studies and implement plan, discuss combinative line through appealing for help actual state, use home is the at present most advanced PRTV on the spot shapes permanent anti-fouling show compound coating.

PRTV on the spot shapes permanent anti-fouling showing compound coating is makings of new profile of system of a kind of power, the product learns content to comprise by become privileged, those who design life to amount to 20 years is long. Water of admirable fast, balanced, abiding abhor is migratory gender, be able to bear or endure corrupt lightning presses tall, electric insulating properties admirable, be able to bear or endure sex of electric corrode caustic amounts to TMA4.5 class, anti-flammability to amount to FV-0 class, fight electric arc, can effective below unusual situation protection. High standard quantity, high strenth, exceed powerful adherent force; Acid-proof, alkaline, salt and strong oxidant are corroded; Be able to bear or endure ultraviolet ray, ozone, counteractive environment erodes not broken skin, not craze; Avoid below normal circumstance moving condition sweep.