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According to orchid county investment makes countrywide wind report 3 billion yu

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From do not have have, arrive as a child big, combine wind-force and manpower resource look according to orchid county, use only 3 years short time, invest 3 billion yuan, outfit machine 300 thousand kilowatt, bend force makes countrywide wind-force generate electricity the first county.

In the past, fresh gale cause disaster does not have a law to be on guard

Be located in 3 hill to confront each other according to orchid county (mountain mixes small Xing Anling, Zhang Ancai to amount to hill) , 4 water are handed in collect (river of the Songhua River, peony, Ba Lanhe and an old name for Japan agree river) guttural area, major relief resembles the horn that a southwest Xiang Chang opens, monsoon of mainland of cold temperate zone is agelong with average every second 45 meters speed, had blown northeast by southwest.

"The car takes a ship to Yilanru " , often by way of is experienced according to the drivers of orchid county the deepest, the car when wind is big is blown to get straight flicker. Local builds a house, "The root of fangfeng is designed " as important as found.

Wind big calamity is big. Introduce according to department of orchid county agriculture, disaster caused by a windstorm is to depend on orchid county " peculiar " calamity, spring gathers up the ground, summer destroys lodging of crop of seedling, fall, stricken be hit by a natural adversity area is constant thing 180 thousand mus. Forestry branch introduces, because wind is big, with the wind tree grows forever not tall, this kind " natural disaster " do not have a law to prevent.

Introduce according to Zhang Suopeng of director of bureau of orchid county atmosphere, the biggest wind speed that depends on orchid county account is every second 38 meters, belong to land to go up to exceed 12 class gale infrequently, and the gale of 8 class above that forms disaster caused by a windstorm, want one year to blow many days 90. Other county (city) atmosphere bureau opens an atmosphere one year to be sure to prove 35, and their bureau is about many 89.

The Spring Festival blew fresh gale 2004, kang Guoquan of classmate of Zhang Suopeng fete. Kang Guoquan is wind report expert, he suggests to depend on orchid the report that get wind. Right now, provincial project of cable of wind of and other places of Fu Jin, Long Jiang, magnolia already mount a horse, some counties (city) wind report already and net.

Now, wind-force generates electricity big industry

Big wind energy generates electricity, " calamity " change resource, according to orchid government of county Party committee, county takes wind report seriously very this new industry, hold water instantly " wind report heads a group " , the group leader is held part-time by secretary of county Party committee, head of a county, specific and responsible assistant group leader is Yao Sheng of vice director of standing committee of prefectural National People's Congress.

Windward report should measure wind above all, the wind that where is suits wind-force to generate electricity. The investment that measure wind big, risk is high, belong to an enterprise according to Lan Zhenzhen " 4 buildings install a company " most first contributive 1 million yuan, 5 towers that measure wind are built in cockscomb hill and other places. Measure data to make clear: According to Lan Feng whole nation of power natural resources is top-ranking, suit wind-force to generate electricity extremely, installed capacity can amount to 1.2 million kilowatt, investment potential exceeds 10 billion yuan. Immediately, the 100 million wind phone companies such as Yang Huafu are garrisoned in succession according to orchid.
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