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The plane on do-nothing cable enters tank " fly into " divine boat airship

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Be in god 7 during be about to go up to the sky, the author is in do-nothing the understanding when tall channel interviews arrives to let a person first " life-giving " message: Cable of war industry of group of grand source cable " fly into " divine boat airship shoots base. To this year in August, this group had launched base to offer total prices to be worth cable of many yuan 2000 war industry aviation to divine boat airship.
Although our country already was cable production big country, but the cable of a few high end such as cable of war industry aviation still basically counts an import, regard the whole nation as the base of cable of do-nothing special type that 4 big cable produce one of base, current, only grand source obtained national weaponry scientific research to produce licence. Nowadays, the war industry cable of grand source has developed 5 kinds of big 100 many variety, among them, 4 products obtained national patent, aerospace gets together with cross-linking fluorine content insulation is light-duty the 2 fist product such as wire cable obtained national emphasis new certificate of products, american congener product was replaced in home.
Nowadays, cable of grand source war industry besides " fly into " outside emissive base of divine boat airship, still boarded a plane, entered tank, issued naval ships, the sale went to limited company of rocketry of spaceflight long march, China to fly industry of arms of institute of aviation of academy of equipment of experiment institute, air force, China the 202nd institute one large quantities of " country the name " war industry unit. This group has become cable of the throughout the country's only 10 war industry to produce one of businesses. (net of Chinese industrial electric equipment)