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Segregation of Ningxia power double network transforms a project through checkin

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On September 11, ningxia company checks and accept committee to transform project and concentration to store the project undertook checking and accept to segregation of this company double net. Check and accept committee to think: The specific requirement that double net segregation transforms a project to carry out a result to satisfy company of national electrified wire netting completely to be transformed about website sth resembling a net, concentration stores the system can satisfy service requirement of relevant business system, agree to pass check and accept.

The demand that guarantees the job according to safety of company of national electrified wire netting and information of Ningxia power company undertakes double net segregation transforms a project, this project began in December 2007, on the foundation of original local area network and wide area newwork, have network facility through changing, use OSPF means by technology of network of agreement, BGP/MPLSVPN, ningxia subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy transforms company website to be mixed for the net inside information information outer net, use logistic strong segregation inside equipment connection, outer net, came true interactive to net of inside and outside strict control, enhanced the dependability of the network and security. The network is between date of departure trying luck, function is stable and reliable, each index all achieves contract and the requirement with normative technology, raised the integral level of infrastructure of Ningxia company information further, for " SG186 " engineering professional work applies bear the weight of and internal office network transmits the platform that provided high speed, reliable, stable, security.

To raise the successional, uses a system dependability of the security of information system data, business, ningxia company uses Hangzhou China of 3 companies in IX3080 of high-end storage system and high-powered fictitious change engine IV5240, use two IX3080 and IV5240 to comprise double machine double array, the data storage system that built high-powered, high reliability for company of whole Ningxia power. Current, ningxia power company " SG186 " the more expensive to data security demand professional work in the project applies a system to be received successfully already in should centralize storage system, those who realized data storage is efficient with safety. From this, ningxia power company stores the system is entered centrally run level formally, it will be Ningxia power company " SG186 " the construction of system of each business application provides the engineering better data storage support.