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Long island county corresponds to sea floor of each island villages and towns ca

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Recently, company and the joint efforts that grow insular net to tell a company are connected to fall in the net that visit town, long island county corresponds to the sea floor of each villages and towns cable lays the project is comprehensive and finishing. This project connects a company to invest 18 million yuan by province net, overall length spends 56 kilometers, cable uses sea floor to be buried to groove set means to undertake laying, bury set deepness to amount to 2 meters of above. The success of cable of communication of sea floor of each villages and towns lays, solved island communication to transmit bottleneck problem thoroughly, the island county that indicating Shandong province is exclusive is achieved eventually " village village connects cable " target.
Since 1993, the communication inside long island county is all the time transmit with microwave give priority to. Nearly two years, secure on the island phone, small well-informed increase ceaselessly with broadband user and amount of special railway line of all sorts of multimedia business, number. The limitation that original microwave transmits a system to go up because of the technology, already cannot satisfy island broadband to get online far in the respect such as circuit capacity and transmission quality stability, the development that can look the informatization business such as monitoring of the conference, video. Liaison man of island of additional open waters very disadvantageous, once malfunction, the prompt repair that can give an obstacle brings a lot of difficulty. And lay by oneself the county comes north the submarine cable of 5 islands because span of cable of complex, sea grows sea condition, construction technology difficulty is tall, investment old return rate is low element, all the time impracticability. 2007, when Shandong saves a net to connect group of company general manager to grow insular survey, below the active proposal that leads in government of county Party committee, county, long island net connects a company to put forward actively to lay to province company the town requirement to cable of sea floor of each villages and towns, strive for ranking policy to build the cable inside the county to transmit a net hard. Go to province company for many times subsequently from raise island communication ability, solve north problem of 5 islands transmission bottleneck, drive society of long island economy to develop isogon to spend charge for the making of sth. to make with informatization, strive for finally by the province the company invests, make submarine cable lays project be able to project approving is carried out smoothly.
Long island lays to the success of cable of sea floor of island villages and towns, from go up at all solved what communication transmits to restrict, can satisfy entire county net of couplet of high-definition video monitoring, can inspect TV of network of the conference, picturephone, number (IP TV) , the medical treatment of collaboration of long-range Medical Protection, long-range education, new rural area informatization on the net builds demand; Can think natural resources of business affairs of government affairs of my county electron, electron, information is shared, major project provides the prefectural territory such as construction of restful fishing village reliable hardware is propped up; Can become rich with using network technology platform to get for the common people on the island information and recreational news offer enough bandwidth to assure. Cable of the high capacity inside the county transmits the building of the net, increased the technical content that island communication transmits and stability greatly, built each reach between the island transmit a freeway with the information outside the island, advanced informatization construction to build the science, efficient, stable platform that prop up in the round for this county, make island communication transmitted ability to realize qualitative leap.
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