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Wuhan is fiber-optic the user is close project of 7 demonstrative projects insid

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2008/09/17, as a batch of dimensions bigger build a village to join in, wuhan city is fiber-optic to door dimensions is being accelerated quickly -- up to by this year August, whole town is fulfilled fiber-optic to door the project achieves 126, dimensions is close 100 thousand.
According to Wuhan city Information Industry bureau introduces, this year, this city key supports 7 fiber-optic arrive a demonstrative project project. Among them, road of Hong Kong of 10 thousand divisions is the Yangtse River of 8 date, samite, green Jing Yuan fiber-optic arrive a demonstrative project construction is finished and already threw operation, the demonstrative project such as garden of first phase of language of the heart that protect interest, 7 stars, violet Song garden, Dong Xinxi center already start working construction, build entirely inside year. According to predicting, to 2011, whole town is fiber-optic to door the user will achieve 500 thousand.

Current, this city is mixed according to building of high-grade commercial building, average house economy is applicable the building of 3 kinds of different types such as the room dish characteristic, use fiber-optic and excellent front courtyard, fiber-optic wait to receive means differently to carry out to floor fiber-optic to door. According to statistic, current and fiber-optic the received means to hold whole project 70% above to floor, the user can save certain newspaper to hold cost.
Origin: Hunan day Metropolis Daily