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Plastic treatment association is established plastic can expand committee contin

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Chinese Beijing message, what association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment declares is plastic can develop working committee to already carried state of the State Council a few days ago continuously endowment appoint the approval with federation of Chinese light industry, already registered in civil administration ministry register.

It is reported, plastic the tenet that can expand working committee continuously is, organize and combine more key companies inside plastic industry, joint development and promotion green, safe, energy-saving technology and product, establish the environmental safety standard with perfect and plastic product, drive with all one's strength plastic can last what reach relevant industry development.

Additional as we have learned, first plastic can develop working committee meeting and car to use continuously plastic can develop forum continuously besides hold plastic can expand working committee continuously outside establishing a ceremony, still unscramble the key concerned car to use plastic policy code standard and prospective trend, the introduction western automobile industry can develop a program continuously, discuss plastic in green environmental protection, energy-saving decrease platoon, fire prevention safety and but second birth uses the application that waits for a respect.