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Electric group will invest the country the sources of energy of Ningxia of many

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Xinhua net Yinchuan on September 18 report (reporter Luo Bo) 18 days, company of group of Chinese state cable and government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region sign agreement of strategic collaboration framework formally, in the near future inside the project that this company will have the energy field such as polycrystalline silicon of chemical industry of electric power, coal, coal, solar energy many yuan 1000 in Ningxia investment develops construction.

Company of group of Chinese state cable is sex of 5 encyclopedias country generates electricity one of industry groups, have 13 area branch at present, capital total amounts to 284.3 billion yuan. This company also is the earliest those who enter Ningxia investment is state-owned and large generate electricity enterprise, have the moving capacity of 2.4 million kilowatt in Ningxia at present, the total capacity of power source project that plan and begins early days work exceeded 10 million kilowatt.

Zhu Yong 芃 says general manager of company of group of Chinese state cable, group of Chinese state cable invests besides what continue to increase electric power respect outside, still will be in investment of area of garden of industry of hill of Ningxia stone mouth builds the downstream product such as project of extract of raw material of 5000 tons of polycrystalline silicon, ingot casting and fiber-optic club 5 billion yuan, in Ning Dong at the same time industrial garden area invests the chemical project such as PVC of 60 billion yuan of plan and construction, formaldehyde.

(origin: Xinhua net)