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Project of many wind cable obtains batch of fan companies to be benefited most

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National hair changes appoint the website was announced recently, this year July, hair change appoint through Yu Menchang of base of phone of wine spring wind project of chartered right of Ma Feng report, Inner Mongolia tells the country such as case of chartered right of report of wind of distant north clear river of project of large wind cable examine and approve, the plant capacity of aggregate pass a barrier is as high as 1674 million tile, relatively the corresponding period grew 16% 2007. Analytic personage says, as a result of the governmental support to wind cable industry, fan company will become the person that basically be benefited.

Office of national energy resources Director Zhou Xian was making public a circumstance to express a few days ago, our country accelerates the key the construction of electric field of 1 billion made of baked clay wind next, build corridor of westing of Gansu Province river, North Jiangsu to be mixed littoral at the same time base of phone of wind of class of kilowatt of 3 ten million of Inner Mongolia, make " wind report 3 gorge project " . The outfit machine dimensions of report of wind of home of the our country end this year will break through 10 million kilowatt, 20 million kilowatt will exceed after two years, our country will become the world's greatest wind-force to generate electricity before long country.

Shi Pengfei of vice-president of association of Chinese wind energy tells a reporter, below governmental support, development of wind cable industry is rapid in last few years, become but a development of second birth energy is the rapiddest, this brought a space to the development of fan industry. From fair in showing information, can see, golden wind science and technology (the order of the fan company such as 002202.SZ) had been discharged 2010, hair change appoint carry wind report item in great quantities examine and approve be sure to bring larger space to fan company.

Triumphant base the middle finger of a report that negotiable securities released a few days ago goes out, be like Xiangtan electric machinery newly into fan manufacturer (600416, the car austral SH) , individual plant continent (03898, HK) and Hua Yi are electric (600290, SH) is in 2007~2008 parts in with big the Tang Dynasty electric power group (00991, new energy resources of HK) , China report, Hua Nengxin the sources of energy forms strategic alliance associate concern, be sure to be harvested somewhat. The reporter understands, the investor that at present many hands hold heavy gold course of study of eye covetously visit, prepare at any time or begin to enter this industry.

This report still points out, golden wind science and technology is amended at was being released on July 4 gained profit to add announcement to belong to an exemple only beforehand first half of the year 2008, new because entered fan firm is earlier low to component bargain ability, because quoted price of this component manufacturer already considered pressure of raw material price more, this plants science and technology of experience gold wind the opportunity of paroxysmal benefit sky is inferior. (Hui Cong net)
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