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Lanzhou electrified wire netting 110 kilovolt become fiber-optic to enclothe rat

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End on September 8, the 110 kilovolt transformer substation of 98% realized Lanzhou electrified wire netting fiber-optic enclothe, upload for transformer substation automation, far move, n is collected, administration, attemper monitoring of phone, video offers transmission channel. It is management at the same time the fiber-optic channel that system of system of website, OA, sale and system of settle accounts of charge of electricity, automation matching a net offers real time, high capacity.
In last few years, company of Lanzhou power supply increased communication construction, already built the eastpart part that covers transformer substation of the Lanzhou urban district, area in always ascending area, Yong Jing area and Yu, collect to accuse branch of station, power supply at present, western net of annulus of 2 big fiber-optic communication. For Lanzhou electrified wire netting 35 kilovolt and above transformer substation offer information freeway, wait for Shaanxi, Ningxia, Qinghai, silver, Wu Wei 2, communication of 3 class electric power offers a share fiber-optic circuit, remove a backbone to transmit the action of the net.
Pass construction of a few years, mix before network of this company communication already was solved a few years because of microwave capacity of carrier wave circuit small, transmission quality is low and the business of information of electrified wire netting that bring about transmits the current situation that accepts restriction, to attemper at the same time information of automation, protection offers the transmission channel with stable high speed. Current, network of communication of Lanzhou electric power realized multinomial annulus way, network extend in all directions, even if is circuit was broken also can make sure business is ceaseless, the safe stability that is Lanzhou electrified wire netting moves, made contribution.
Author: Protect Yang Fang source high: Network of Chinese electric power news