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Sampling percent of pass of quality of objective of product of cable of wire of

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Total bureau of national qualitative check on September 16 message: Build quality of project material product for safeguard, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, health of industry of stimulative wire cable develops, total bureau of national qualitative check organized quality of pair of wire cable product to undertake the country is supervised selective examination, selectived examination in all 120 kinds of products that 120 enterprises produce 15 provinces such as Tianjin, Heibei, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Sichuan, Guangdong, Henan, Shandong, Chongqing, municipality directly under the Central Government (do not involve exit product) , sampling percent of pass of product objective quality is 93.7% .

The main quality problem that in selectiving examination, discovers:

1, individual product insulation or jacket weightlessness project are unqualified. The insulation that losing weight is cable and jacket run the index of hot condition stability when for a long time in the product. Selective examination medium
Have individual product weightlessness the quantity is unqualified, easy ageing of insulation and jacket is degenerative.

2, function of individual product machinery is unqualified. The mechanical function of the standard insulation to different product and jacket raises different requirement. There is individual product in selectiving examination machine
Instrument function is unqualified, jacket or insulation are in lay in waiting for process getting power pull easily cause discharge of short circuit, leakage.

3, individual product heats up outspread project unqualified. The percentage elongation below the hot outspread load that the standard sets to cable is isolated from does not exceed 175% , permanent percentage elongation not more than
15% . There is individual product heat to delay in selectiving examination extend showed fusing phenomenon, cause short circuit accident easily below high temperature circumstance.

Be aimed at the main quality problem that in selectiving examination, discovers, total bureau of national qualitative check already enjoined technology of each district quality supervises a branch to wait for the regulation of concerned law laws and regulations strictly according to product quality standard, right the enterprise of off quality of the product in selectiving examination undertakes handling lawfully, deadline is rectified and reform. In the meantime, right the business with the better quality in selectiving examination, increase propagandist strength, guide consumption. Total bureau of national qualitative check will continue to undertake dogging selectiving examination to quality of wire cable product, make wire cable industry rectify what the constitution measures a level to rise.