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Hua Dong electrified wire netting overfulfils 500 kilovolt to be defeated change

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On September 18, company of Hua Dong electrified wire netting was held in city of Anhui pool state greeted peak estivate 2008 500 kilovolt are defeated become electrical engineering Cheng Qi uses the forum that join movement. Electric power of company of Hua Dong electrified wire netting, Hua Dong attempers chief and relevant staff joined the capital construction department of company of center and Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian the conference. Wu Ping of vise general manager of company of Hua Dong electrified wire netting attended the meeting.

On the meeting, hua Dong electric power attempers center and each province company made communication make a speech, reported each unit to receive the plan situation of in finished state of peak estivate project and major project of second half of the year this year, analysed the problem of existence and difficulty, put forward to answer measure.

The conference greeted peak estivate to be defeated 2008 to Hua Dong electrified wire netting change project case undertook report sum up. 2008 first half of the year, hua Dong electrified wire netting overcame the effect of the natural disaster such as earthquake of He Wenchuan of calamity of ice and snow, build join movement 500 kilovolt change capacitance 14.75 million thousand volt-ampere, circuitry 2129 kilometers, the plan task of make known to lower levels of company of the network that compare a country is overfulfiled respectively 136% with 34% , grew respectively than greeting peak estivate to join carry project 2007 110% with 16% . First half of the year, entire network adds 500 kilovolt newly to change report (switch) station 9, add newly advocate change 17 groups, receive big power plant of 1 billion made of baked clay grade newly 4, construction is cast carried the passageway is defeated by Anhui on the west change hill of saddle of electrical engineering Cheng, Anhui reachs project of circuitry of Jiangsu stannum southwest, Zhejiang king inn adds a look to transform net of annulus of project, Shanghai to increase outfit maximum pressure to circuitry of fine be apt to Suzhou of project of series connection reactor, Jiangsu on the west " nobody are on duty " .

Among them, anhui electrified wire netting begins framework of net of 500 kilovolt main force to build the job in the round, east, medium, on the west passageway of electrified wire netting and interconnection annulus net are preliminary already form, add newly advocate change 2 groups, receive large power plant newly 3, add the line that cross a province newly 2, "Anhui report east send " the strategy gains revolutionary headway; Jiangsu electrified wire netting builds join movement country 500 kilovolt of network company " nobody are on duty " transformer substation demonstrative project, add newly advocate change 4 groups, add the line that cross a province newly 2; Zhejiang electrified wire netting is in farther outspread 500 kilovolt electrified wire netting covers range, add newly advocate change 7 groups, receive large power plant newly 1; Shanghai and key of Fujian electrified wire netting were begun advocate transformer extend, add newly advocate change each 2 groups. The building of project of each electrified wire netting joins movement, the safe and steady power supply during ensuring power supply for the estivate greeting a peak this year and Olympic Games laid solid foundation, satisfied the requirement using phone of constant growth with all one's strength, served economic society progress.
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